Responding to Incidents

Helpful advice and support to manage and respond to serious incidents affecting students.

Emergency and Security Management Unit

The Emergency and Security Management Unit (ESMU) operates a twenty-four hour and seven days per week emergency and security communication and coordination centre for the Department. The ESMU provides a single reference point to assist you in responding to and reporting emergency matters and critical incidents including criminal and unwanted activities.

Access to guidance officers, psychologists and social workers for emergency support is available through regional offices.

Additional support and advice can be arranged through the Manager, Emergency Response and Recovery who can be contacted on (03) 9603 7999. This person provides assistance to schools and regions to help reduce potential long-term adverse psychological and emotional impacts arising from an emergency, critical or traumatic incident.

All services provided by ESMU are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. The hotline number is (03) 9603 7999.

Online incidents - step-by-step guides

The following step-by-step guides aim to provide practical steps and actions that will further support Department employees in educational settings to protect, respond to or manage an online incident of concern.

Responding to online incidents of inappropriate behaviour by students

Provides practical support to assist schools to respond to and manage a student who has a) been exposed to inappropriate behaviour or b) has engaged in inappropriate behaviour.

Step-by-step Guide for Responding to Online Incidents of Inappropriate Behaviour by Students (pdf - 928.68kb)

Removing inappropriate content from a website, Facebook or other social media site

Assists individuals to remove inappropriate content from the web such as personal attacks that humiliate or defame an individual (e.g. teacher or student) or where a fake profile of a school has been established.

Step-by-step Guide for Removing Inappropriate Content from a Website, Facebook or other Social Media Site (pdf - 284.28kb)

Department employees to access legal and wellbeing support for online incidents of concern

Supports Department employees (e.g. principals and teachers) to understand and access legal and wellbeing support that is available through the Department’s Regional and Central Offices, particularly if they have been the subject of online vilification (e.g. defamatory remarks make online by a student and/or parent). 

Step-by-step Guide for DET Employees to Access Legal and Wellbeing Support for Online Incidents of Concern (pdf - 502.52kb)