Step-by-step Guides

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These guides provide practical steps and actions to protect, respond to or manage an online incident of concern.

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Schools have a duty of care to take reasonable steps to protect students from any harm that should have reasonably been foreseen. The nature and scope of the duty in these circumstances will vary according to a number of factors, for example: the role and responsibility of the employee and whether the incident occurred inside or outside of school hours etc.

The following three guides aim to provide practical steps and actions that will further support DET employees in educational settings to protect, respond to or manage an online incident of concern

Guide 1 – Responding to online incidents

This guide is for responding to online incidents of inappropriate behaviour by students. The guide provides practical support to assist schools to respond to and manage a student who has a) been exposed to inappropriate behaviour or b) has engaged in inappropriate behaviour.

Step-by-step Guide for Responding to Online Incidents of Inappropriate Behaviour by Students

Guide 2 – Removing inappropriate content

This guide is for removing inappropriate content from a website, Facebook or other social media site. The guide assists individuals to remove inappropriate content from the web such as personal attacks that humiliate or defame an individual (e.g. teacher or student) or where a fake profile of a school has been established. It is important to emphasise that the fastest way to remove inappropriate content from the web is to take immediate action. Personally report the comment to the site owner.Unfortunately, the DET can only take the same measures as an individual.

Step-by-step Guide for Removing Inappropriate Content from a Website, Facebook or other Social Media Site

Guide 3 – Legal and wellbeing support

This guide is for Department employees to access legal and wellbeing support for online incidents of concern. The guide supports Department employees (e.g. principals and teachers) to understand and access legal and wellbeing support that is available through the Department’s Regional and Central Offices, particularly if they have been the subject of online vilification (e.g. defamatory remarks make online by a student or parent).

Step-by-step Guide for DET Employees to Access Legal and Wellbeing Support for Online Incidents of Concern (pdf - 502.52kb)