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Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities are schools that start from a simple idea: students learn more when their teachers work together.

For educators

Victorian PLC initiative

Through the Victorian Professional Learning Communities (PLC) initiative, Victorian government primary, secondary and specialist schools are building a collaborative culture of continuous improvement in teaching and learning to improve outcomes for every student.

Participating schools benefit from a highly-regarded program of professional learning and ongoing support from regionally based teams, including a dedicated PLC regional manager who can advise, coach and train school leaders and teachers.


Building a professional learning community (PLC) is a proven way for schools to increase student learning.

PLC schools put student learning first. Data and evidence drive everything they do.

At their heart are teacher teams, working through rigorous cycles of inquiry to identify student learning needs, and plan the professional learning and classroom practices needed to meet them.

For more information, see: Professional Learning Communities


Victorian PLCs and FISO

Working collaboratively to continuously improve teaching and learning is at the heart of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO). The Framework is used by all Victorian government schools to focus their efforts on key areas known to have the greatest impact on school improvement.

Together with FISO Victorian PLC schools are helping build the Education State.

To learn more about FISO, see: Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

Progress to date

  • Schools selected for PLC pilot    Jun 2016
  • Pilot schools completed professional learning    Nov 2016
  • Pilot schools commenced implementation    Jan 2017
  • Regional PLC Managers appointed in all regions    Mar 2017
  • Intake 1 schools commenced professional learning    Jul 2017
  • Applications opened for Intake 2 of PLC schools    Aug 2017
  • Pilot evaluation second interim report delivered    Aug 2018
  • Selection process for Intake 2 finalised and schools notified of outcome    Nov 2017
  • Intake 1 schools completed professional learning    Nov 2017
  • Intake 1 schools commenced implementation    Jan 2018

Upcoming dates and milestones

  • Pilot evaluation final report delivered    Mar 2018
  • Intake 2 schools commence professional learning    April 2018
  • Intake 2 schools complete professional learning    Nov 2018