Transforming the first years of your teaching career

Information for graduate teachers

This Pilot program hopes to improve the experience of graduate teachers, in particular their first twelve months, as they start out in their teaching career. It is currently available in specific primary and P-9/P-12 schools across Western and North Eastern Melbourne as well as Inner Gippsland. 

Participants will collaborate, enhance their professional practice and establish professional networks with other graduate teachers in Victorian government schools.

Ask your school if they are participating in this Pilot program.  View the list of eligible schools (pdf - 192kb).

What the program looks like

The two-year program will help you establish your professional identity, develop your career path and build a professional practice.

Working closely with experienced teachers

Graduate teachers will work closely with experienced teachers in:

  • peer observation and feedback
  • lesson planning and development of classroom materials
  • assessing students and analysing assessment data
  • preparing for and meeting with parent/carer(s)
  • development of wellbeing strategies.

Time away from the classroom for professional development and mentoring

In addition to connecting with other local teachers and access to new and specialised professional learning, graduates will benefit from less time in the classroom to focus on professional development and mentoring. 

There will be a 20 per cent reduction in face-to-face teaching in the first year of the Pilot and 10 per cent in the second.

Who is eligible to apply

The core focus of the Pilot is to provide an enhanced induction for new teachers, starting their first substantive teaching position in North Eastern Melbourne, Western Melbourne and Inner Gippsland. 

Graduate teachers are eligible to participate in the Pilot if they:

  • have graduated with a bachelor or master qualification within the last four years;
  • are provisionally registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • are not employed and have not been employed in a Victorian government school prior to the commencement of the vacancy to which they are appointed in the eligible school (in other words are commencing their first full time teaching position since gaining provisional registration)
  • are employed at a Classroom Level 1, Range 1 classification

A provisionally registered teacher (PRT) who has previously worked as a Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) is eligible, providing they have not taught more than 40 days in one or more Australian or New Zealand schools or early childhood (EC) services.

How to apply

Graduate teacher roles in the TFYTC Pilot are available for positions in schools across three Department areas – Western Melbourne, North Eastern Melbourne and Inner Gippsland.

Applications for teaching positions at Victorian public schools can be lodged through Recruitment Online.

Targeted resources and support

Graduate teachers participating in the Pilot will have access to and be supported by the following learning, tools and supports

  • A professional learning program providing multi-modal flexible learning opportunities including online modules, virtual webinars and workshops, learning artefacts and alliance meetings, enabling graduate teachers to select their own learning to meet their needs
  • A dedicated area-based team leading and supporting graduate teacher professional growth, mentoring and networking
  • Access to a digital library tool so graduate teachers can capture and curate their learning journey, evidence of practice and achievements. 

Train the trainer

Equipping mentor teachers to support provisionally registered teachers (PRTs) at the beginning of their careers and guide graduate teachers through the process of becoming fully registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Mentor teachers will have access to a series of professional learning webinars that are delivered throughout the year. These webinars have been developed in consultation with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) and informed by the experiences of principals and mentor teachers from across the state.

Connections with other graduate teachers involved in the pilot

There are several opportunities in which you can meet and connect with other graduate teachers, particularly throughout your alliance group. Alliances have been created to support you and are established in a way that connects graduate teachers based on proximity.

Dedicated Pilot resources

You will have the opportunity to connect with other graduate teachers in your area through:

  • professional learning opportunities (face-to-face workshops, online modules and webinars)
  • welcome events
  • web-based chat rooms (through Canvas)

Graduate teacher conferences

As a participant in the Pilot program, you will attend the annual Graduate Teacher Conference (GTC). The GTCs are a great opportunity to meet and connect with other graduate teachers in your Area as well as relevant Department staff members who can assist you during your career.

As well as creating a platform to connect with other graduate teachers, the GTCs provide graduate teachers with an opportunity to:

  • become an active part of their professional community
  • build their professional practice
  • form a strong professional identity
  • build resilience and support wellbeing
  • access supports and resources as they continue to develop in their careers.