Department program

Literacy and Numeracy Strategy

The goal of this strategy is to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for all students, as the foundation for engagement in education and lifelong achievement.

The strategy is about supporting schools and teachers to assess:

  • what every student knows
  • what they need to learn next

Teachers can match this with tailored instruction in literacy and numeracy based on the Victorian curriculum.

The strategy contains actions for every level of our system, and builds on our work through the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes and the Education State agenda.

For educators

For a copy of the strategy, supporting documents and resource portals, see: Literacy and numeracy

For literacy leadership courses, see: Literacy leader learning suite

Progress to date

  • Literacy and Numeracy Strategy released    Jun 2017
  • High Impact Teaching Strategies released    Jun 2017
  • School Leaders’ Guide to Improving Literacy and Numeracy Outcomes released    Jun 2017
  • Primary schools identify literacy and numeracy leaders    Jul-Sep 2017
  • Mathematics Curriculum Sample Programs for Prep-6 and Years 7-10    Sep 2017
  • Reading resource package, including first instalment of the Literacy Teaching Resource     Oct 2017A pedagogical model for schools: Vision    Nov 2017
  • Leading Literacy F-6: SEIL and EIL workshops    Dec 2017
  • Literacy Leader Induction Workshops    Dec 2017
  • Literacy Teaching Toolkit F-6 teacher demonstration videos released    Dec 2017
  • Literacy Data and Assessment Practice course    Dec 2017

Upcoming activities and milestones

  • Primary schools implement their literacy-based KIS in their 2018 AIP    Jan – Dec 2018
  • Leading Literacy Master Trainer F-6 course (F-6: 4 intakes)    Feb 2018 – May 2018
  • Enhanced English Online Interview process and support materials for teachers    Feb 2018
  • Literacy Teaching Toolkit: Birth to Level 6 online version    Mar 2018
  • Student agency and leadership framework    Term 1 2018
  • A pedagogical model for schools (phase 2)    Term 1 2018
  • Leading Literacy for Networks course commences    Term 2 2018