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Support for families in the Latrobe Valley

​You have the biggest influence on your children’s wellbeing and development. Especially if your child is very young.

You can benefit from learning new ways to:

  • respond positively to parenting challenges
  • support your child’s development
  • give children the skills for life. 

We're running free parenting services for families in Latrobe City and the Shires of Baw Baw and Wellington. The services are to help parents to raise healthy and thriving children.

The services focus on:

Sleep and settling program

What Were We Thinking (WWWT) is a sleep and settling program for parents of infants six to eight weeks old.

It includes:

  • strategies to develop good sleeping habits from birth
  • ideas and support to adjust to changes in your relationship with your partner after the birth of your first baby.

The WWWT program is available to all first time parents with newborns in Latrobe City and the Shires of Baw Baw and Wellington.

You'll be offered WWWT during a first time parent group. These groups are run by local Maternal and Child Health centres. Sessions are available during the day and outside normal business hours to enable more parents to attend.

To join a first time parent group, contact your local Maternal and Child Health centre.

For more information about the program, see the WWWT website.

Supported playgroups

Supported playgroups help you build the skills you need to support your child’s development and wellbeing. Groups meet weekly in a fun and casual group session led by a qualified facilitator.

The playgroups will help you improve everyday interactions with your child so they are ready for kinder, school and life.

Supported playgroups are available to all families with children 0-4 years old in Latrobe City and the Shires of Baw Baw and Wellington.

For more information on supported playgroups contact your local regional office.

Positive parenting seminars

Positive parenting seminars help you:

  • build strong and healthy relationships with your children
  • deal positively with all types of parenting situations and challenges.

The seminars will deliver the Triple P program (the power of positive parenting) and give you practical skills and strategies to:

  • raise happy, confident children
  • respond positively to parenting challenges
  • set routines that everyone follows
  • take care of yourself as a parent.

These workshops are available for families with children aged 2-5 years:

  • Power of Positive Parenting
  • Raising Resilient Children
  • Developing Good Bedtime Routines.

Note: These seminars are now completed. See Triple P Positive Parenting Victoria for more information.

About the initiative

These services are part of the $2.3 million Supporting Families of the Latrobe Valley initiative.

The initiative is available to all families with young children in Latrobe City and the Shires of Baw Baw and Wellington.

The initiative gives parents access to services and information to support their children’s development and learn positive strategies to respond to parenting challenges.