Department program

Glasses for kids

Every prep to year 3 student at participating schools will be eligible to receive a free vision screening and if required, follow up eye testing and glasses.

The program enables up to 30,000 prep to year 3 students from 250 schools in the most disadvantaged areas to be tested for glasses.

Nearly all initial vision screenings will be conducted at the school. Only a very small number of schools will need to visit a nominated optometrist in their local area for their free vision screenings.

Parental consent will be required for screening, which is not compulsory. The program is being delivered by State Schools' Relief and its partners, which is supported by the Department.  

Vision screenings

Vision screenings will be largely at schools, by either optometry students under the supervision of a registered optometrist or by a registered optometrist.

Students requiring additional eye testing will be referred to an established optometry practice for further bulk billed testing and dispensing of free glasses using a State Schools’ Relief purchase order, if required.

Program schedule

The schedule for the screenings of students will be set around the availability of the optometrists and their students and the schedules for each of the schools choosing to participate in the program.

Participation is not compulsory, as targeted schools may have existing programs in place to identify students requiring vision assessment and the intent is not to duplicate or interrupt existing relationships.