Department program

Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

The Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) is the unifying framework for improvement in Victorian schools.

FISO uses contemporary improvement and effectiveness research to help schools focus their efforts on key areas that are known to have the greatest impact.

For educators

For information on implementing FISO in your school, see: School improvement: FISO


An evaluation of FISO implementation is currently underway and is showing that FISO is changing practice in schools and networks.

  • Schools are increasingly focussed on the ‘right things’ including a sophisticated use of the improvement cycle, using evidence to select FISO high-impact improvement initiatives, and evidence-based, high impact strategies and actions both at the school level and in the classroom.
  • Analysis of 2017 and 2016 annual implementation plans found increased adoption of distributive leadership models in schools, indicating improved organisation and governance.
  • SEILs and principals report an increase in the quality and relevance of Department tools and resources.
  • 92 per cent of principals reported an increased line of sight between school strategic plans, annual implementation plans and professional development plans, critical to driving a shared improvement purpose across the school.
  • 78 per cent of principals agree that FISO has created a shared language of school improvement across schools.

Activities completed to date

  • Principal Practice Survey undertaken    Jan – Mar 2017
  • Training delivered for Priority and Peer Review schools    Jan – Mar 2017
  • Continua of Practice (incorporating the essential elements) published    Jan – Mar 2017
  • Evaluation interim report delivered    Jan – Mar 2017
  • Professional learning for regions and schools     Feb – Dec 2016
  • Launch of Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)    Oct-17
  • FISO – Teacher Survey    Oct-17
  • 30 new FISO case studies published    Jun-17
  • Schools completed and submitted their Annual Report to the school community    Apr-17
  • School Review training delivered across the state    Apr-17
  • FISO public website updated    Mar-17
  • Equity funding online form released    Feb-17
  • School Annual Reporting templates developed    Dec-16
  • Teaching and Learning toolkit aligned with the FISO dimensions    Dec-16
  • End-year AIP review with SEIL and planning to develop 2017 AIP     Nov-16
  • Materials released for the 2017 AIP process    Nov-16
  • Draft continua of practice published and 2017 AIP resources released    Nov-16
  • Peer and Priority reviews underway    Sep-16
  • Evaluation of the implementation of FISO commenced    Aug-16
  • End of year self-assessment of 2017 Annual Implementation Plans    Term 4 2017

Upcoming activities and milestones


  • New School Review process commences    Term 2, 2018
  • School Strategic Plan launched in Strategic Online Planning Tool (SPOT)    Term 2, 2018
  • 2017 Annual Report to the School Community due    30 April, 2018
  • FISO Evaluation Final Report    End of Term 2, 2018