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Frankston North Education Plan

Developed in 2018, the Frankston North Education Plan (docx - 1.03mb) is the Victorian Government’s long-term plan to improve the quality of education provision for the Frankston North community at early childhood, primary and secondary year levels, as well as to connect more adults into adult learning.

The Frankston North Education Plan (the Plan) involves:

The Plan seeks to improve student learning, achievement, engagement and wellbeing outcomes across all three schools. To achieve this, the Victorian Government has partnered with the Colman Foundation and Frankston City Council.

Partnerships with the Colman Foundation and Frankston City Council

Children start learning from the moment they are born, making the first five years of their lives an important time as the skills that will help them throughout their lives are already taking shape. At this key formative stage of children’s development, the Plan will help shape their lives for the better.

The Victorian Government has partnered with the Frankston City Council in the delivery of high-quality early learning and parenting support services.

The Victorian Government has also formed a 10-year partnership with the Colman Foundation, who will deliver the Our Place model at each of the three schools. The Our Place model allows for more and better health and family support services at schools, based on the needs of local students, school staff and parents. For more information, visit Our Place

Progress to date

In 2019, significant work has been done at the three schools with a focus on excellence in teaching, learning and wellbeing for all students. This includes:

  • designing the new infrastructure to ensure students learn in modern and innovative learning environments, to be built in early 2020
  • schools working together to improve transitions from early learning to primary school, and from primary to secondary school
  • designing new curriculums at the secondary school to improve student pathways into post-secondary education and future jobs.

Current investment

To date, the Victorian Government has invested $26.2 million to deliver the Frankston North Education Plan. This includes:

  • an upgrade to Monterey Secondary College, which includes developing a Centre of Excellence that will align with local industry needs, as well as a competition grade gym and a select-entry sports academy
  • an upgrade to Mahogany Rise Primary School, which includes integrating a nearby Council-run early learning centre
  • an upgrade to Aldercourt Primary School, which includes building an integrated early learning centre.

These building works will commence in 2020, and are scheduled to be ready for Term 1, 2021.

For more information on upcoming construction works, visit the Victorian School Building Authority.