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Bendigo Education Plan

The Victorian Government is committed to transforming education, supporting young people to become successful learners and delivering equal opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to thrive in the 21st century.

The Bendigo Education Plan was launched in 2018 to deliver that vision. It brings together representatives from early childhood, primary and secondary schools, higher education, industry, community, government and social services to develop new ways to:

  • ensure students have equal access to quality programs, facilities and opportunities
  • build teacher and educator capacity so they can support Bendigo students to aim higher and achieve more
  • strengthen support for children and young people as they transition through different stages of their learning – from kindergarten, to primary, to secondary and beyond
  • collaborate with families, carers, community and industry, so they become more engaged in the learning and development of local students.

The full Bendigo Education Plan (docx - 1.07mb) can be read in detail.

What the plan means for you

Whether a student, parent, family member, carer, staff member, educator and/or member of the local community, the plan will benefit you. Schools have been working hard to deliver the objectives of the plan. There is more work to be done, and it is an exciting space to be in for the schools and the wider community.

We encourage all community members to be an active voice in the plan. It is a long-term commitment and we need the local community to be involved in the journey to ensure our goals are being met.