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Place-based education plans

Place-based education plans are a way for us to collaborate with local communities and education partners to transform local education outcomes.

They are used in areas where there are complex challenges to improving achievement, wellbeing and engagement in education for children and young people.

Education plans help identify and address the unique challenges and priorities of a local community, and can involve:

  • early childhood services
  • government and non-government schools
  • Tech Schools
  • TAFEs
  • universities
  • community and cultural organisations
  • local businesses and industry
  • local government and other government agencies.


The 2017–18 state budget funded $1.88 million to work with communities in Shepparton, Lilydale/Upper Yarra and Frankston North to develop place-based education plans. Funding of $0.12 million was also provided to develop a new Bendigo education plan.

The state budget 2018-19 provided $60.1 million to implement the strategies identified in these plans, as well as to develop two new plans during 2018-19.

Find a more detailed overview of the Shepparton, Frankston North and Lilydale and Upper Yarra Education Plans, including the associated infrastructure works on the Victorian School Building Authority website by following the links below.

Bendigo education plan

The Bendigo education plan 2018 (docx - 1.07mb) is a unique, local plan that aims to connect the different education sectors in Bendigo, creating clear pathways and access to high-quality educational services from birth, through schooling and into higher education, training and employment.

The plan harnesses our collective responsibility for transforming education and ensuring that our services and community work together in the best interests of Bendigo’s children and young people to address local challenges and improve outcomes for children and young people.

What we need to deliver

All children and young people in Bendigo will become successful learners and resilient individuals who strive for excellence and who have the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to lead active, satisfying and productive lives.

Recommendations from the education plan​

The plan recommends:

  • ensuring equitable access to quality programs, pathways and facilities
  • building teacher and educator capacity to support and extend all students
  • creating a culture of excellence for all
  • enriching approaches to curriculum, pedagogy and assessment
  • strengthening supports for children and young people through key transition points in their learning
  • partnering with families and carers as first-educators
  • collaborating with community, business and industry to lift engagement, learning and developmental outcomes

The case for change

In the City of Greater Bendigo achievement and retention outcomes are falling below expected levels and the challenges to achieving equity and excellence are particularly complex. The Bendigo community wants us to ‘lift the bar’ and to make sure that we are creating opportunities for all children and young people to thrive and excel.

The Bendigo education plan 2018 will bring our community together to work towards achieving this common goal.

How the plan was developed

A broad steering committee (made up of key stakeholders from the community, including school Principals and representatives from local organisations) have worked with the Department to develop this plan.

We met with community members including students, teachers, parents, business and industry representatives and social service representatives to build a complete picture of the education and community needs so that we could fully understand the challenges and gather options for change.

Based on what we heard from the community, along with analysis of local data and educational expertise, the steering committee then developed the plan to meet the needs of the community now and into the next ten years.

Next steps

Mid-2018: We will work with key local organisations and representatives from the steering committee to begin implementation of the actions in the plan.

Bendigo education plan brochure

Shepparton education plan

The Shepparton education plan will transform student outcomes by empowering all students to:

  • learn and achieve
  • experience high quality teaching practices
  • experience the best conditions for learning
  • be equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for lifelong learning and shaping the world around them.

The first part of the Shepparton education plan is to merge the four current high schools into one new school on one site. The Shepparton High School site has been chosen as the location for the new secondary school.

$20.5 million has been allocated to fund stage one of the new school and an integrated children centre at Mooroopna.

Lilydale and Upper Yarra education plan

The Lilydale and Upper Yarra education plan seeks to boost educational outcomes and equalise enrolment numbers. It ensures financial sustainability and an environment where resources are shared equally between the three secondary schools in the area.

Frankston North education plan

The Frankston North education plan seeks to improve the quality of education provision across the community in the early, primary and secondary years, as well as connect more adults into adult learning.

New place-based education plans under development

The state budget 2018-19 included funding to develop place-based education plan for the inner-north west, focusing on the distribution of enrolments in Flemington-Moonee Valley, and for Oakleigh and the surrounding region to alleviate demand pressures and support existing schools with a continued focus on excellence in education.

Community engagement is being undertaken during 2019.