Department program

Data Literacy for Learning Strategy

‚ÄčThis strategy aims to help school leaders improve their understanding of student and school data.

It provides tools that give greater insight into trends in student performance to help focus improvement efforts.

A strong focus on data literacy and enquiry through collaboration over the next three years will accelerate the skills and confidence of educational leaders to relentlessly inquire and focus on improvement and performance.

The strategy includes:

  • testing and validation of specific data tools to deepen understanding and application of data literacy
  • an updated data literacy modules for school leaders
  • the literacy data and assessment practice course delivered fully online and available for every literacy leader in primary schools
  • building data literacy capabilities at a network level.

Progress to date

  • Ongoing delivery of the Literacy Data and Assessment Practice course (online) to literacy leaders from every primary school (approx. 1100 participants)    Nov 2017 and ongoing
  • Identification and procurement of data tools commenced    Jan 2018

Upcoming activities and milestones

  • Data Literacy for school leaders commences    Feb 2018
  • Literacy data and assessment practice course (online) completed for intakes commencing in December 2017 and February 2018    Feb 2018
  • Research undertaken and guiding materials for using predictive data analytics for targeting individual student needs developed    Apr 2018
  • Data tool capturing student voice on school and network-level improvement strategies available    Feb 2018
  • Further intakes of the data literacy for school leaders course confirmed    Mar 2018
  • Provision of support to assist networks to build data literacy    Mar 2018