Department program

Communities of Practice

​Schools participate in a geographic network, which adopts a community approach to focus on local improvement opportunities. Networks are expected to meet at least once each term for continuous learning and improvement.

By adopting this approach networks create a compelling space for principals to learn together, focus collectively on investing in evidence-based strategies to implement the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes, and share best practice to drive improved learning outcomes for students across their network and across the state.

For educators

For information and resources, including a self-assessment tool, see: Communities of practice

Progress to date

  • SEILs and Network Chairs completed first CoP Maturity Assessment    Jul – Aug 2016
  • Implementation support for CoP, including data collection     Mar – Dec 2016
  • Evaluation planning underway    Dec 2016
  • Network collaboration websites launched    Feb 2017
  • CoP implementation planning for 2017 underway    Jan – Mar 2017
  • Analysis of qualitative CoP program evaluation reports commenced    Jan – Mar 2017
  • Acceleration Plan for 2017 – 2018 developed    Apr 2017
  • Final day of the WISE System Leaders program    May 2017
  • Induction workshop for new Network Chairs, SEILs and network executives    Aug 2017
  • SEILs and Network Chairs complete third CoP Maturity Assessment    Nov 2017
  • Networks nominate two literacy leaders to be trained in the Leading Literacy Master Training course Nov 2017

Upcoming activities and milestones

  • First intake of literacy leader master trainer course commences    Feb 2018
  • Network governance guidelines published     Feb 2018
  • Network chairs, SEILs and network executives to work with Dr Helen Timperley to further develop network-leading capabilities    Mar 2018