School Breakfast Clubs program

This page provides an overview for school leaders, teachers and parents about the School Breakfast Clubs program, including current advice about the delivery of the program during coronavirus (COVID-19).

School Breakfast Clubs program in Term 3

In line with health and Government advice, Victorian schools have resumed remote and flexible learning for all students, with the exception of children of essential workers, high needs students, and specialist schools in rural and regional areas.

To ensure all students who rely on the school breakfast program can access the service during remote and flexible learning, Foodbank Victoria will continue to deliver food supplies to schools in Term 3 as scheduled.

Ordering throughout Term 3 will be open. Schools are encouraged to continue to place orders to make sure students and families who need it, particularly during these uncertain times, can continue to receive the support they need in a safe format that aligns with Government health advice.

Delivering school breakfast clubs during remote and flexible learning

Access to healthy and nutritious food supplies is essential for many families taking part in this program. It's important that the service remains available to those who rely on it, while adhering to restrictions and minimising health and safety risks for all staff, students and families.

A range of innovative ways to provide support and distribute provisions to students and families during remote and flexible learning are available, and could include:

  • packaging up supplies in small parcels for students to take home
  • packaging up supplies for collection by parent/carer(s)s from the school (following the best practice health advice as per School Operations Guide (login required) and minimising the amount of people on school ground at one time)
  • providing ‘grab and go’ options such as fruit, fruit cups, mini milks or lunch bowls for any students who are attending school on site
  • facilitating contactless delivery of supplies to students’ homes (such as leaving supplies at the gate/front door).

Schools should follow the School Operations Guide (login required) when delivering the School Breakfast Clubs program.

Term 4 participation

New schools are invited to participate in Term 4 program implementation, and eligible schools will be emailed an Expression of Interest in the coming weeks.

Many school communities may be suffering unprecedented hardship due to coronavirus (COVID-19), and this program could provide much-needed support to students, families and school staff.

If you have any questions about taking part in or delivering the School Breakfast Clubs program, email

Guidance for delivering the School Breakfast Clubs program on-site during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Given the School Breakfast Clubs program is an essential service for many students and families, the following is recommended for any schools continuing to deliver the program on site for students attending school. Delivery of the School Breakfast Clubs Program on-site should always follow advice in the school operations guide, which is targeted to all Victorian Government Schools, across Stage 3 and 4 restrictions.

In line with the guide, the following measures can be implemented to ensure the School Breakfast Clubs program is delivered safely:

  • ensure that all the enhanced hygiene practices and food handling practicing are carried out in accordance with the school operational guidelines
  • make sure students wash their hands with soap and water before and after entering the School Breakfast Clubs site
  • where possible, limit supervision of the program to one or two teachers and ensure they maintain 1.5 meters distance
  • where possible, use a large space for running the program, which makes it easy for teachers and/or supervisors to maintain social distance, and students to eat in smaller groups (if possible, have assigned tables for each year level)
  • schools may choose to provide “grab and go” options such as fruit, fruit cups, mini milks or lunch bowls for students, rather than a “sit down” breakfast
  • For up-to-date advice about face coverings at school, refer to the School Operations Guide.

About the Schools Breakfast Clubs program

The School Breakfast Clubs program seeks to address the impact that disadvantage can have on education outcomes by offering free and healthy food for students in 1,000 Victorian government schools.

Research shows that a child's ability to concentrate in class, self-regulate and learn is negatively impacted if they are hungry. It has been reported that the rising cost of living makes it increasingly difficult particularly for low-income families and families living in poverty to provide enough healthy food for all the family each week.

Building on the success of the 2016-19 School Breakfast Clubs program, which began implementation in 500 Victorian government primary schools over 2016, the expanded program seeks to further support Victorian students and their families.

The Victorian Government has continued its partnership with Foodbank Victoria, the Victorian branch of Australia's largest food welfare agency in Australia, to deliver the program. 

The program will include: 

  • delivery of healthy breakfasts in 1,000 Victorian government primary, secondary, P-12 and specialist schools
  • provision of nutritious lunches and holiday food supplies targeted to students in need
  • delivery of cooking classes for families at 100 disadvantaged schools. 

How schools are selected

The 500 schools already participating in the program have been invited to continue their involvement.

Eligibility for the additional 500 schools has been determined using the most recent Student Family Occupation Education (SFOE) index data. This provides an accurate measure of disadvantage and is consistent with the approach of the 2016-19 program.  

Invitations to eligible schools will be sent over Terms 3 and 4 2019 and Term 1 2020. A phased implementation rollout will begin with 125 schools each term over the 2020 school year, in order to reach the target 1000 schools by Term 4 2020.


The Victorian Government has committed funding of $58 million to deliver the expanded School Breakfast Clubs program in 1,000 Victorian government primary, secondary, P-12 and specialist schools in Victoria over four years from 2019-2023.

Find out more

For more information about the School Breakfast Clubs program, and to view an interactive map of participating schools, visit the Foodbank Victoria website