Vocational education and training Independent Assessment pilots

The Victorian Government is supporting the quality of apprenticeship and traineeship training by piloting Independent Assessments in a range of Victorian apprenticeships and traineeships.

We are still accepting registrations but due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are not currently conducting face-to-face assessments. We are working to implement another way to deliver this service and we're still online and available to talk about the program if you have any questions. Contact VETASSESS on 1300 133 488 or iavic@vetassess.com.au

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As an apprentice or trainee

Independent Assessments, along with the reintroduction of trade papers and new learning materials make up the Government's four-year $43.8 million, ' Quality apprenticeships to drive jobs opportunities in the modern economy' program. The program responds to the Victorian Skills Commissioner's Apprenticeships and Traineeships taskforce report, Relaunch Rebalance.

The Independent Assessment pilots aim to provide consistent feedback on training outcomes to all users of the apprenticeship and traineeship system.

The pilots are managed by the Victorian Department of Education and Training in consultation with the Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner.

VETASSESS is an independent assessing authority that has been engaged to design, develop and conduct the assessment of the initial eight occupations. Approximately twenty assessments in all will be developed. For more information about this authority, see: VETASSESS

How the Independent Assessment pilots work

Industry and other stakeholders are consulted to determine the content and nature of the assessment. The standard to be achieved is a proficient, newly completed apprentice/trainee. The assessment is then trialled and refined for piloting with a broader group of completing or recently completed apprentices/trainees.

Eligibility to participate

Apprentices or trainees who are nearing completion or have recently completed their apprenticeship or traineeship in one of the pilot occupations are eligible to participate.

Assessment process

Assessments will take place in a simulated environment such as a TAFE facility or in the workplace. The assessments will include a practical component which may be supplemented by verbal questioning and/or an online theory test.

Assessment duration will vary between three to six hours depending on the nature of the assessment. This includes all the components of the assessment.

Outcome letters will be provided to candidates on completion. The outcome letter will include the result from the assessment and set out career development indicators. This information will be confidential. If the candidate is unhappy with the final outcome of the independent assessment, they may choose to re-sit by applying again.

Data from the assessments will be used to improve the assessment process. Data identifying individual apprentices, trainees, employers, TAFEs or RTOs will not be publicly disclosed.

The role of TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

Victorian public and private training providers (TAFEs and RTOs) will be key partners in piloting the Independent Assessments. Data from the assessments will be provided to the training provider for consideration and feedback to the assessment developers. Information about individual providers will remain anonymous. Training providers may also be requested to provide assessment venues.

The role of employers

As well as informing the design of the assessments, employers are asked to support the pilot process by allowing eligible employees to attend the assessment.

About the assessors

VETASSESS provides a range of tailored independent services to government and non-government agencies.

VETASSESS assessors are highly experienced and skilled in the occupation they assess.

Moderation of the assessments will ensure validity, fairness and consistency in decision-making.

Incentives and registrations

Incentives for apprentices and trainees to apply

Participant compensation

Participants who complete the assessment will receive $250 for their time.

Supports improved career outcomes 

Skill outcomes that are Government endorsed and industry recognised.

Confidential career development support

The outcome letter is confidential and provides career development indicators; strengths, skill gaps and opportunities.

For enquiries or to register to stay informed, email: iavic@vetassess.com.au

Timelines and pilot occupations

Eight apprenticeships/traineeships are currently either accepting applications or are in development or scheduled for development.

Proposed timeline and occupations

Now available

  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (Apprenticeship)

Early 2020

  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (Traineeship)
  • Certificate III in Carpentry (Apprenticeship)
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication (Apprenticeship)
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical (Apprenticeship)

Early/mid 2020

  • Certificate III in Civil Construction (Apprenticeship)
  • Certificate III in Hairdressing (Apprenticeship)
  • Certificate III in Cabinetmaking (Apprenticeship)