School Industry Roundtables

The School Industry Roundtables (SIRs) initiative commenced in 2020 to enable secondary schools, training and higher education providers, industry and local government to come together and collaborate on improving education, training and employment pathways for local students.

The initiative aims to:

  • Identify skills needs and current and future skill shortages in local industries
  • Bridge the gap between industry and schools to shape the workforce of the future
  • Establish processes for local employers to better support schools with structured workplace learning and career education
  • Identify course provision of tertiary institutions to meet the demands of the local economy and student aspirations
  • Build students' awareness of jobs and careers and enable them to engage with the world of work

The SIR initiative supports the establishment and operation of locally based SIRs annually, across metropolitan and regional areas, involving both government and non-government secondary schools.

The School Industry Roundtables are part of the transformative reform agenda recommended by a review into vocational and applied learning pathways for senior secondary students led by John Firth, former Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

How it works

Stakeholders are invited to participate in and contribute to SIRs in particular geographic areas across regional and metropolitan Victoria.

Roundtables are held on an annual or semi-annual basis to promote ongoing collaboration and joint actions to respond to emerging trends and to organise and support activities for local students.

Local working groups of stakeholders are formed to oversee the development and implementation of action plans arising from Roundtable events on a continuing basis.

Participating locations

In 2021 stakeholders are participating in 11 SIRs based in the following locations across Victoria:

Wimmera South West, Barwon, Central Highlands, Western Melbourne, Goulburn, Loddon Campaspe, Inner Gippsland, Outer Gippsland, Southern Melbourne, Mallee (Mildura), Mallee (Swan Hill). More locations will be added in the future.

Stakeholders who have been involved in SIRs include:

  • Principals, VET teachers, career practitioners and other school staff
  • Not-for-profit organisations, community and parent groups
  • Industry partners from large and small business
  • Universities, TAFEs and registered training organisations

How to get involved

SIRs are locally led and tailored to the individual needs of businesses, education providers and local government in each participating metropolitan or regional area.

SIRs are organised by local teams of DET staff and stakeholder representatives to address local priorities. Jobs Skills and Pathways Managers in DET Areas oversee the day-to-day operation of SIRs.

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More information

For more information about School Industry Roundtables, email