Tutoring accelerates learning at Beaumaris Secondary College

The Tutor Learning Initiative has supported students at Beaumaris Secondary College to re-engage in school with confidence

Beaumaris Secondary College is one of many schools across Victoria that have achieved great outcomes through the Tutor Learning Initiative this year.

The Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) began rolling out across Victorian schools in Term 1, 2021, to support students whose learning was disrupted by COVID-19.

The TLI supports students who did not make expected learning progress or became disengaged because of the impacts of COVID-19. This can include students from all ability and achievement levels.

Building confidence to re-engage in school

Through the initiative, students from years 7 to 10 at Beaumaris Secondary College identified as needing extra help were offered in-class support, as well as external tutoring sessions for literacy and numeracy.

Tutor Rebecca Perkins explained how the initiative has delivered great outcomes for students at the school.

'The targeted support has helped students to understand content, achieve tasks to a higher standard, apply existing knowledge to project-based learning and engage with confidence throughout COVID-19 disruptions,' she said.

For Rebecca, the most rewarding part of being a tutor this year has been working with students to give them further access to the curriculum and seeing their confidence grow.

'Validating student achievement was a large part of the role, as well as keeping students on track —both tasks allowed learners to extend themselves and feel confident to contribute and apply their own ideas,' Rebecca said.

Driving learning growth

Since the introduction of the TLI, Beaumaris Secondary College has also introduced additional support for high ability learners in years 9 and 10.

The extra support has helped the students who had experienced a drop in literacy and numeracy outcomes to stop the slide, and achieve tremendous learning growth.

'The additional support has helped high ability students in years 9 and 10 to transition to Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) studies with a higher degree of critical thinking, self-reflection, and ambition,' Rebecca said.

As part of the initiative, the school sends updates to parents each term about their child's progress. The letters also invite feedback from parents, which Rebecca said has been positive.

'The program was described as valuable and a good opportunity for students to re-engage in school with confidence,' she said.

Victorian students will continue to benefit from extra tutoring support in 2022 after the Victorian Government announcing it will invest an additional $230 million to extend the Tutor Learning Initiative.

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