Tutoring support gives parent peace of mind

​Liz Darwish has watched her son thrive as a Tutor Learning Initiative participant

The Tutor Learning Initiative is continuing to support students across Victoria, whose learning has been most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 6,400 teaching professionals are working as tutors in Victorian schools to provide extra support for students who need it.

Parent, Liz Darwish has watched her son thrive and his confidence grow as a result of the initiative and knowing that he has the support he needs to catch up has put her mind at ease.

Trusting in the initiative

Liz and her family – including three-year-old daughter Sareena, six-year-old son Awdel and eight-year-old son Jibril – moved from Wallan to Melton in 2020.

After their move, Liz's son Awdel started Prep in Term 4 at Melton West Primary School and is now in Grade 1 and participating in the Tutor Learning Initiative.

Liz said that her experience of the initiative has been extremely positive. 

'Knowing my son is getting the support and extra help has enabled me to let go and put my trust in the initiative,' she said.   

'It's meant great peace of mind and surety for me as a parent.'

Liz has watched her son make fantastic progress through the initiative.

'In a short period of time, he went from very apprehensive, timid and fearful to a few months later, blossoming,' she said.

'He went from being afraid to make mistakes to then having the courage and self-esteem to try.'

'He will sound out words and can read and write independently.'

For Liz, the extra support for her son has been incredibly valuable and she would like to see the initiative continue next year.

'It works and I can see the difference in my son,' she said.

'He has belief in himself and it's all due to the Tutor Learning Initiative.'

About the Tutor Learning Initiative

The Tutor Learning Initiative began rolling out across Victorian schools in Term 1 this year, to support students whose learning has been disrupted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Victorian government school now has at least one tutor on board, with more than 6,400 tutors across the state working to provide extra support for students who need it, and to boost the learning and engagement of those who struggled most during remote and flexible learning. 

Find out more

For more information, refer to the Tutor Learning Initiative web page.