Tutor Learning Initiative extended

Tutoring support will continue in 2022 for students most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Victorian students will continue to benefit from extra tutoring support in 2022 after the Victorian Government announced it will invest an additional $230 million to extend the Tutor Learning Initiative.

The additional funding will help to support the learning and engagement of students who struggled most during remote and flexible learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boosting learning and engagement

The Tutor Learning Initiative began rolling out across Victorian schools in Term 1 this year.

Every Victorian government school now has at least one tutor on board, with more than 6,400 tutors working to provide extra support for students who need it.

Schools across the state have seen students thrive with the additional support provided through the life-changing initiative.

Wandong Primary School Principal Kelly Morrow explained how after just one term of extra tutoring support, students at all year levels had shown learning growth and continued to make outstanding progress over the following months.

'Academic progress over a six-month period has far exceeded our initial expectations, with many students achieving more than 12 months growth,' Kelly said. 

Similarly, Gleneagles Secondary College Principal Simon Sherlock said the additional tutoring support is delivering great outcomes for students.  

'Our model for the Tutor Learning Initiative aligns with our other intervention programs — it's evidence-based and we know that we're getting positive results,' Simon said.

'We take as our starting point our belief that students need to have rapid skill development in order to flourish in the classroom.

'Once they've gained the skills they need to be successful, they go back into the classroom and we support them as part of team teaching and small group mentoring.'

The initiative is also giving parents peace of mind knowing that their children have the support they need to catch up.

Liz Darwish, whose son is participating in the initiative at Melton West Primary School, said she has enjoyed watching her son thrive and confidence grows because of the additional support.

'In a short period of time, he went from very apprehensive, timid and fearful to a few months later, blossoming,' Liz said.

'He went from being afraid to make mistakes to then having the courage and self-esteem to try.'

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For more information, refer to the Tutor Learning Initiative web page.