Cultural Connectionz

Staff and students at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School use their Cultural Connectionz days to promote multicultural inclusion.

Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School celebrates different cultures within the school community and aims to educate students, staff and families and celebrate cultural diversity throughout the year.

Cultural Connectionz, a name chosen by the students, provides a way for Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School to promote better intercultural understanding, multicultural inclusion and provides an opportunity for students, parents, and staff to showcase their cultural identity and teach others about their cultures.

‘Cultural Connectionz days are incredibly important to us at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School as they provide an opportunity to celebrate our diversity,’ says principal Sally Webb.

‘The days allow children and their families to proudly showcase their culture through food, dance, clothing, language and other traditions that bring joy and unity to their community as well as our school.’ 

Building connections, celebrating cultures

The school’s efforts to bring the community together and its focus on multicultural inclusion over the year provides a richer and more diverse learning experience for students. 

Students who belong to the selected cultural group have the opportunity to be involved in planning and coordination, as well as leading some of the events or presenting on the day. Parents, families, and community members can also get involved, drawing on their insights, knowledge, and experiences to ensure events are culturally appropriate and authentic.

Cultural Connectionz days can feature guest speakers, who facilitate an exploration of values, attitudes, beliefs, traditions, stories, and experiences; as well as performances by professionals, community members or students as a way of showcasing and celebrating unique traditions.

This celebration of diversity provides students with the opportunity to experience other cultures first-hand, through food, storytelling, dance, singing and musical performance.

Previous and upcoming Cultural Connectionz

In 2018, the school’s Connectionz celebrations were Afghan Day, Polyfest and African Pride Day. For 2019, Cultural Connectionz celebrations focused on Aboriginal Australia (Djeembana), the Indian festival of Diwali, and China’s Dragon Dynasty Festival.

In Terms 2, 3 and 4 this year, the Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School community will continue to take part in whole day Cultural Connectionz celebrations.

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