Student ‘vaccine champion’ doing her part for her community

Year 11 student, Arwen Bounds, shares her reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Year 11 student Arwen Bounds recently had her first Pfizer vaccine as part of the final year secondary school student vaccination blitz.

Arwen was eligible because she is studying a unit 3/4 VCE subject this year.

‘I thought it was important to do my part for the community,’ Arwen said.

‘It’s important because I am taking a Year 12 subject and doing the exam, so I want to protect myself and my friends and family.’

Arwen’s school, Warrnambool College, and other secondary schools in the area organised for all their final year students to attend the state vaccination centre in Warrnambool.

‘All final year students were booked a time slot and a certain number of vaccinations were made available,’ she said.

‘It was quite efficient. I just turned up and was waiting in line for maybe 20 minutes, then I gave them my name and got my vaccination and so did a lot of my school friends.’

Arwen encouraged all eligible people to get vaccinated.

‘It’s important to stop the spread of the virus so we can go to school and do all the valuable things that we are not able to do now, because we are in lockdown.’

Arwen is planning go to university to further her studies and eventually become a primary school or early childhood teacher.

Final year school student vaccination blitz

Final year students (students in other year levels, who are studying Unit 3 and 4 subjects, final year Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and final year International Baccalaureate (IB) students), their teachers, exam supervisors and assessors have access to priority timeslots to attend their vaccination appointment at a vaccination centre until Sunday 19 September.

Secondary schools have received information on how eligible students and staff can access a priority booking.

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Photo was taken pre-COVID.