Princes Hill Primary School community connects while learning from home

The 'Humans' of Princes Hill Primary School returned to their school more connected than ever despite weeks spent physically apart.

School Principal Esme Capp instigated a weekly video message from different members of the school community called Humans of PHPS in a nod to the popular social media page Humans of New York.

'The videos were really well received by the school community,' Dr Capp says.

'They hear a different teacher's perspective on remote learning each week.' 

'This week the community will hear from a school council member and next week we will hear from students.'

'The Junior School Council is very excited by it because it gives them a voice and has opened up that possibility more.'

Dr Capp says the video will be something that continues with the resumption of on-site schooling.

Visual Arts Teacher Hannah Rother-Gelder says students have been exploring the work of The Kitchen Sink artists — a 1950s British art movement that featured paintings of everyday objects and scenes.

'Students set up studios at home and what we tried to do at the beginning was establish space to give them a sense of meaning and connection to their learning,' she said.

'They would go to the bathroom, open the kitchen pantry, make installations using cutlery and utensils — they had the greatest fun drawing the toilet.'

Ms Rother-Gelder says she plans to continue this at school by asking students to reflect on what they learned during their time at home.

Music teacher Deborah Kayser says the biggest lesson from remote learning was seeing the way students responded individually to music.

'What the online experience showed me was they might listen to a song and add a creative dance to that, or it might be a theatrical piece.

'It was a catalyst for all these other sources of expression. Coming back to school, I really want to nurture that.'

The Department is working with students, teachers, principals and families to ensure lessons from remote and flexible learning are being captured and shared. 

Following an independent analysis of the experience at schools across the state, an education summit will be held in July to discuss lessons learned and investigate what improvements can be made to the education system as a result of the remote learning experience. 

Principals, teachers, parents and students can submit feedback through a community consultation survey.