Play Learn Grow text message program supports early learning

Victorian parents and carers of children aged two or three are encouraged to subscribe to a popular support program before the cut-off date on 25 October.

Play Learn Grow (PLG) is a free text message program providing valuable tips and resources on children's learning, health and wellbeing.

Ascot Vale parent Andrew is one of 12,500 subscribers who receive three text messages each week on the themes of talk, play, read, and self-care and resilience.

The father of two, including three-year-old Eleanor, prefers a text message to 'a person telling you how to do something' as it is more supportive, and less likely to feel condescending.

'It's things you already know as a parent but it's good to be reminded of them,' he said.

'I found the messages very helpful and they often arrived at the right time.

'It's like always having someone in your corner.

'It's someone saying, 'by the way, remember this, try this'.'

The program has also proven convenient to many mums and dads who have been forced to juggle parenting with working from home.

'One helpful tip was to remember that your daughter isn't trying to annoy you when interrupting a work call, she just loves your attention,' he said.

Helpful advice

Text messages are personalised for the parent and child, or children, such as:

Hi Cameron. The best toys for Charlie are the ones she can play with in different ways. Simple toys like blocks, and everyday objects like pots, pans and plastic containers, provide endless play and learning opportunities. Try making these things available and watching where it takes her.

How to subscribe

Subscriptions for the free PLG text message program close on Sunday 25 October.

Parents or carers are eligible for the program if they live in Victoria and have a child aged two or three. Subscribers can opt-out at any time.

Subscribe at Play Learn Grow program or text PLAY to 0428 606 027.

Find out more

Visit the Play Learn Grow website for more information.