Billy Elliot eat your heart out!

​Treading the boards of Melbourne’s historic State Theatre has been a lifelong dream for Nathan, who finished Year 12 at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School last year.

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Like, I couldn’t imagine not doing dancing. People say 'why do you love dancing?' and I couldn’t imagine my life without it and that’s literally it. I think it’s something that’s come really naturally.

Yeah, it just feels right I guess and I think my parents saw that. I know my dance teacher definitely saw that pretty much straight away I think. I think she tried to warn my parents that “He’s going to go somewhere one day so start saving your money now”.

So, I’m currently playing Snowboy in the Australian and international tour of Westside Story. It's very much a singing, dancing, acting extravaganza, I guess you could call it. It’s such an iconic piece of theatre and to be part of it is amazing.

I guess I needed to do well because this is such an amazing opportunity and I want to make the teachers proud. I want to make everyone proud back home.

I will always be a country boy at heart. Moving here to Melbourne. That was huge. Yeah it was definitely a culture shock and I don’t think I’d be the person I am today without having to go through that because it was very hard. I’ve definitely grown accustomed to the city life which I quite enjoy now.

At VCASS it’s half-days. So, half-day dance, then you do half-day academic, and then you might do rehearsals later on in the afternoon. It's a lot, I mean it was very difficult but it teaches you how to work hard and the results pay off.

You can sometimes feel like it’s not worth it but for people to see that it is worth it and that rewards do come. It just takes time and patience. I think if you’re very passionate about something you’re going to find a way no matter what.

I still pinch myself! Originally from Corowa, NSW. A country kid at heart. Ready to take on the world!

That dream has become a reality for Nathan, a gifted dancer, who is currently starring in the international production of West Side Story, one of the most popular musicals of all time.

“I’m currently playing the role of Snowboy in the Australian and international tour of West Side Story,” Nathan explained. “It’s very much a singing, dancing, acting extravaganza. It’s such an iconic piece of theatre, and to be part of it is amazing.”

Nathan, originally hails from Corowa in NSW, and still considers himself a country boy at heart, was conferred a Premier’s VCE Award on June 3 this year, for his outstanding achievement in VCE VET Dance.

He was one of 290 students from across the state to be recognised for their success in VCE, and is particularly proud of the fact that his achievement is outside the traditional academic box.

“Being recognised for a Premier’s VCE Award is such a huge honour, and I think it’s really special it’s in a field that I’m so passionate about,” he explained.

“(Dancing) is not often considered by the general public to be a feasible career path. I think it’s nice to show people that it is.”