Spirit of ANZAC prize open

​The Premier's Spirit of ANZAC Prize (SOAP) is now open for submissions from teacher chaperones and Year 9 and 10 students. The tour provides an amazing professional learning experience and an opportunity to delve deeply into Australian war history.

Spirit of ANZAC trip
Spirit of ANZAC trip

In 2020, prize recipients will travel to Vietnam and Singapore in September and regional finalists will travel to Canberra in July. 

Both trips are fully paid, with students only required to pay the cost of a passport and cover their own discretionary spending money.

Trip of a lifetime

Year 10 Princes Hill Secondary College student Matthew won a trip to Canberra earlier this year. Matthew's family members and ancestors have served in the armed forces and he has always been interested in military history. He came across the Spirit of ANZAC prize while reading about the Gallipoli campaign. 

'After discussing it with an enthusiastic teacher of mine, I was determined to enter the Spirit of Anzac Prize and hopefully embark upon a grand adventure,' Matthew says. 'In the end, I experienced wonderful events and gained friends for life.'

Matthew submitted a short story about Australian soldiers fighting in the Battle of Berlin called The Lucky Bomber. The story focuses on the crew aboard a British Avro Lancaster warplane known as "G for George", which completed 89 missions without losing any crew members. 'Today, hardly anyone knows about "G for George" or the other 10,000 Australians that served in Bomber Command,' Matthew says. 'I wanted to shine a torch on this unknown story and educate others and inform them of their sacrifice.'

Matthew says he learned a lot on his trip to Canberra – with the Australian War Museum as a personal highlight. 'Visiting places such as Question and Parliament house taught me and my fellow peers about our most famous wartime Prime Ministers and how our nation progressed as one through the trials of war,' Matthew says. 

'Although, the best part about the trip is experiencing it with the fellow likeminded students, who share the same interests as you do and accompany you every step of the way.'

Apply for the Spirit of ANZAC prize

To apply, students can respond to one of three topics based on WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War or more recent conflicts. Topics include perspectives and experiences of Australians in war, the changing role of women in Australian society and how communities commemorate those who have fought for Australia.

Entries can be an essay, poem, audio and/or video presentation, musical composition, webpage or artwork (e.g. painting, photograph, textile).

Applications close at 5pm, Tuesday 22 October 2019.

To apply:

Students can apply at the Premier's Spirit of ANZAC Prize page.

Teacher chaperones can apply at Teacher chaperone applications.