Prep starts school with a new friend

At Footscray West Primary School, Year five buddies help Preps get ready to start school. When Molly started her first year of Prep at 'big school' Year 5 student Clara was there to help.

Clara and Molly
Molly (left) with Clara (right)

Remembering her own Prep year, Clara says she was nervous and missed her mum. But she coped with that by stomping to school to feel brave, going to class early and sitting with the teacher.

'You don't need to worry about anything really,' Clara says. 'If you make a mistake…'

'… you just try again!' Molly chimes in.

Clara shares her wisdom with Molly about lunchtime, uniforms, assembly – and the exciting possibility of sitting in the Pupil of the Week chair.

'Maybe one day in my big school, I might go sit on one of those chairs,' Molly says hopefully.

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