Books for kids of all abilities

Braille books are provided to students with vision impairments to give them the best start to school life.

Robert reading a braille book
Robert reading a Braille book

​Students starting Prep this year will receive Prep bags including a range of free books. To ensure the free books can be enjoyed by all, the Statewide Vision Resource Centre is also supplying braille books to students with vision impairments.

The books give children of all abilities the opportunity to read and participate in school.

Five-year-old Robert was one of the students who received a free Braille book. His mum Janice says he usually enjoys listening to audiobooks and was ‘very excited’ to read the Braille books.

Robert received a free Braille book when he started Prep at Murrumbeena Primary School in 2019. His mum Janice said he enjoyed listening to audiobooks and was ‘very excited’ to read the braille books

She said he ‘loves school’ so far, especially the specialty lessons like Physical Education, music and Japanese, and has made many new friends. 'He is learning new things every day,' Janice said

Braille book
Inside a Braille book

​​​Murrumbeena Primary School staff prepared for Robert’s arrival by working with his family and going to the Statewide Vision Resource Centre’s ‘Dot Power’ training to better understand his needs.

‘Murrumbeena Primary were so welcoming and excited to have Robert join them from our first school tour and visit,’ Janice says. 

‘They have worked closely with his visiting teacher to ensure he had all of the right books and resources available to him for his orientation sessions, Prep interviews and from day one of class.’

Janice says Robert is a ‘very happy and cheeky’ boy who enjoys bike rides with his Dad in a tag along, travelling with his family and playing with toys.​

​Statewide Vision Resource Centre ​

​​Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC) is a Department of Education and Training service and the leading centre of educational expertise and provider of materials in alternative format for eligible students with vision impairments in Victoria. 

SVRC supports students who have vision impairments such as blindness and low vision. The school usually requests books and materials in the format they need, such as braille, electronic text, audio and large print. The SVRC produce alternative format materials that the students need to access their schools’ curriculum. 

SVRC currently supports 507 students with vision impairments in Victorian government, Catholic and independent schools. It’s one of the many ways the Department is supporting students with a disability in schools.

Inclusive education​​ ensures all young people living with disabilities or additional needs can participate, achieve and grow.

Learn more about vision impairment support in schools.