6 ways to motivate your child to read

Keep the Premiers’ Reading Challenge momentum going with these top reading tips.

Read what you love

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There's something to read for everybody, and your child will love reading more if they're reading about a topic that they like. Whether they love sport, magic, solving mysteries, stories about other children, true stories, animals or adventures - there's a book for that. 

Books everywhere

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Keep books around the house and the classroom so it's easy for your child to pick it up and read at any time.

Visit the library

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Local libraries are fun places – they're vibrant community hubs with art and history displays, storytime sessions for children, book clubs, games, activities and more. Make visiting the library a special, fun time with children where they are exposed to books and reading. And don't forget to bring a cool book bag to carry their books.

Stop – reading time!

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Make time in your child's schedule at the end of the day to relax in a comfortable, calm space and read. Try to do it every day so it becomes part of your daily routine.

Turn reading time into showtime

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When you're reading aloud to children, get creative. Read in funny voices, make sound effects and encourage audience participation: ask what they think will happen next, ask their opinions and talk about new words. Encourage your child to read together with or to you so they can join in the fun.

Be a reading champion

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Young people learn from watching you, so make reading and a love of books part of your life too. 

Keep the reading buzz alive until the Premiers' Reading Challenge starts again next year.