State Schools Relief gets all children to school

For parents struggling with the costs of school uniforms, shoes and books — help is at hand.

State Schools' Relief assists families in dire circumstances, from poverty to family violence, by covering the cost of school uniforms, shoes, stationery and other essential items.

According to the State Schools Relief, teachers report that inappropriate school clothing triggers a range of negative consequences from bullying through to children not attending school.

In 2017, State Schools' Relief provided school uniforms, shoes and other essential items to more than 57,000 students throughout Victoria.

In total, more than 193,000 school uniform items were provided to Victorian government school students.

Our Assistant Deputy Secretary, Regional Services Group, Sue Buckley, says State Schools' Relief is a unique Victorian organisation with nearly 90 years' history of helping disadvantaged families.

'In the Education State every Victorian child — no matter their background or circumstances — has a right to take part in all aspects of school life and not be left behind,' Ms Buckley says.

How it works

Families of students at all year levels can seek assistance with the purchase of their uniform items if they are experiencing financial hardship, homelessness, family violence, illness or the devastating effects of house fires or natural disasters.

Parents and carers under extreme financial hardship should discuss their situation with their school principal, assistant principal or student welfare coordinator. They will assess the family's situation in line with State Schools' Relief's guidelines and make an application on their behalf.

Students starting Prep or Year 7 in 2018 who are a recipient of the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund are automatically eligible to apply for uniform assistance.

The Victorian Government has committed more $15.65 million over four years to State Schools' Relief to help it expand its uniforms program for government school students.

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