2019 Prep bags' winning design

Top Designs student Emma Panozzo's design will be featured on 57,100 Prep bags across the state in 2019.

Prep bags celebrate the first step of your child's school journey.  Your child will receive a library bag of goodies in the first week of Term 1.

Emma Panozzo's design
Emmo Panozzo's award winning design

The bags include free children's books, flyers, fridge magnets, booklets, activity sheets and stickers.

They come courtesy of the Department of Education and Training (DET), Optometry Victoria, Ardoch, Little Athletics Association of Victoria, Australian Football League, National Gallery of Victoria, Cancer Council, VicRoads, and Zoos Victoria.

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The winning design

Top Designs student Emma Panozzo is the winner of the 2019 Prep bag design competition. The theme of this year's competition was 'Read and Grow' to mark the first time free books will be included in the bags.  

Emma's design will be featured on 57,100 Prep bags distributed across Victoria in 2019. Emma is currently studying communications design at RMIT University, and she will be presented with an Apple iPad and pencil part of the prizes for the winning design. She will also spend a day with the Department of Education and Training's Design Studio for valuable hands-on experience.

Emma says, 'As Preps enter school and get a taste of independence, reading is a skill that plays a big part in the way they grow to understand the world.'

'In my design, I wanted to show the wonder and opportunity of reading: it's a way in which you can learn about the world and also unlock your imagination and creativeness.'

Childhood inspiration

Top Arts and Top Designs students, and the 2018 Premier's VCE Awards 'Art and Design' students were invited to enter the prep bag design competition.

There were nine finalists (including the winner):

  • Annie Ngo
  • Charlie Robert
  • Esther Liu
  • Jamie Tung
  • Kristie Anderson
  • Leyton Abduli
  • Magenta Blair
  • Sabine Schiavone
Anna Ngo
Anna Ngo

The artists used their own childhood memories as inspiration for their design.

Annie Ngo says she tried to capture 'the childlike wonder and curiosity I experienced as a kid when I read fairytales and other books.'

Charlie Robert
Charlie Robert

'For me, prep was a year of fascination, learning and imagination, so I tried to incorporate those themes,' says Charlie Robert.

'My illustration displays how books affected my childhood,' says Jamie Tung.

Jamie Tung
Jamie Tung

'It shows how reading can unlock unlimited possibilities and teach you anything you wish to learn.'

The judging panel was made up of representatives from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), the Australia Centre for Moving Image (ACMI), and Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Judge and student events manager at VCAA Miranda Picton-Warlow says each design had its merits.

'I particularly loved reading the rationales and realising how the magic time of learning to read stays with you through your childhood and into adulthood,' she says.

Heide Museum's education manager Stephanie Karavasilis says, 'Every submission was strong, considered and playful, with articulate rationale, which made judging difficult.'

NGV's Top Arts curator David Menzies says, 'I enjoyed the creativity and thoughtfulness of the designs that went into these works. The use of illustrated characters to convey the theme was inventive and cleverly tuned into the worlds of Prep students.'

ACMI education manager Christine Evely says, 'The creators should all be very proud of their accomplished approach to the task.'

See all the finalists:

Full size designs and rationales are available to download: Prep Bags Designs (docx - 1.24mb)

Leyton Abduli

Magenta Blair

Esther Liu

Kristie Anderson

Sabine Schiavone