New Tech School for Ballarat

Robotics, making sustainable chocolate, virtual reality and designing for White Night – Ballarat students have a world of opportunity ahead at their new Tech School.

Ballarat Tech School has officially opened its doors to 15 local secondary schools to pursue their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning.

The former Trade Workshops building in Federation University named after Morgan Bevan John has transformed into a high-tech learning facility.

It houses five brand new laboratories for advanced manufacturing, new energies, IT and virtual reality, science and food and fibres.

All the programs at Ballarat Tech School have a connection to local industry to get young people ready for work. There's plenty of exciting programs on offer including robotics, game design, and food technology with Ballarat's Saltbush Kitchen.

Ballarat's new tech hub

Ballarat Tech School Director Sofia Fiusco says the Tech School team is excited about sharing the space with the wider community.

'It is a space in which people can come together to learn and explore the diversity of our region, be curious about the changing world with industry leaders,' Ms Fiusco says.

'We hope it inspires further collaboration, discovery and innovation.'

Ms Fiusco believes the Tech School will continue to evolve as we understand its potential and the opportunities that come from collaboration.

'Student voice will enrich our offerings through their curiosity,' Ms Fiusco says.

For the past year, Ballarat Tech School have been developing and trialling learning programs with selected schools.

They hosted the Girls in STEM event and held two Ballarat STEM Network events - with a glowing endorsement by their special guest, mathematician and radio host Adam Spencer, as to the benefits of design and inquiry-based learning.

Year of Tech Schools

Tech Schools are centres of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) excellence engaging students from neighbouring schools in a high-tech learning environment. They enrich programs and resources that standalone schools already provide.

Tech Schools work as a link between schools and industry to deliver innovative learning programs that challenge students to solve problems in a real-world context. Employers are increasingly looking for workers who are creative problem solvers, innovative and critical thinkers, with the ability to use new technologies. ​