Taking education to great heights in South Melbourne

​​Our students should be at the centre of everything we do, South Melbourne Primary School Principal Noel Creece says.​

'They are what we're here for. Really, nothing else matters,' Mr Creece says.

South Melbourne Primary School made history this week when it opened its doors for the first time on Ferrars Street.

With enrolments flooding in, Mr Creece is focusing on building strong ties with the community.

'Already, we've had connections with local businesses,' he says.

'These kids are going to be the scientists and the marine biologists of the future because, within a stone's throw, they've got all of that at their doorstep. '

With a five-storey design and innovative learning spaces, its 119 new preps are enjoying another groundbreaking milestone.

Building world-class facilities

South Melbourne Primary School is one of 11 new schools opening across Victoria for the beginning of the 2018 school year.

Cutting-edge facilities such as South Melbourne Primary School are helping to ensure every Victorian child has access to a great school that prepares them to thrive in the 21st century.

Mr Creece is excited for the journey ahead.

'Parents want the best for their kids and we're passionate about bringing that. We're going to do a great job here.'

Creating the future of Victoria

80,200 preps are starting school this year, with 56,000 of those entering public schools.

The new schools will take in more than 1,000 new students over the next five years.

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