Victorian Training Award fast tracks car-lover Sevag’s career

It's nine years since Sevag started his apprenticeship with Mercedes Benz, and he couldn't be happier with how his career has progressed.

Sevag Parseghian is going places fast. A lover of motorsports and anything to do with cars in general, he habitually surpasses his own goals and then goes about setting the bar higher as he moves up the ladder of his employer, Mercedes Benz Australia/Pacific.

The pointers to Sevag's success can be found in his track record. After finishing his Automotive Mechanical apprenticeship in rapid fire time at Kangan Institute, he was named their Apprentice of the Year in 2009.

He went on to win the 'Snap on Tools' Apprentice of the Year and was then told by his group training organisation, WPC Group, that he was a "perfect candidate" for the Victorian Training Awards' Apprentice of the Year. Not surprisingly, he won, and progressed to be runner-up at the national titles.

Award brings 'wow factor'

'I achieved and won an Award I didn't even know existed until WPC brought it to my attention, but I'm so glad I was nominated,' Sevag says.

'Winning the Victorian Training Award brought me fantastic recognition and proved to be a real "wow factor" in the eyes of others.'

'It opened many doors, including to motorsport work which I love, won me many accolades, and even led to me being featured in TV commercials and on billboards.'

'The award definitely helped me get where I am today and the networking that has resulted has been incredible.'

Anything is possible

'I never dreamt as a first-year I'd be in a position in a couple of years' time where I'd be a technical service manager working across three states and 19 dealerships with one of the world's most prestigious auto companies,' Sevag says.

'It just goes to show that if you follow your goals, anything is possible.'

Starting out, Sevag's goals were simple. He wanted to work with his hands and he wanted to work with cars. After an initial detour at uni, he deferred his engineering degree after two years as it wasn't clear what job he'd get at the end.

'To me, uni never quite related to the real world, but vocational education and training was perfect for me.'

'While I was learning the theory I was practising and applying my skills every day which gave me a great foundation.'

Follow your heart

'The big thing for me is that because I had an innate passion for cars everything came very naturally to me.,' Sevag says.

'I was very focused, very driven, and wanted to learn more and more. I'm very ambitious and set myself five-year goals but I seem to be achieving them in much less than that.'

'I think if you have passion, drive, a good work ethic and follow your heart then what you can achieve is infinite.'

Victorian Training Awards

The Victorian Training Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of vocational education (VET) students, teachers, training providers and the businesses who train them across Victoria. Through celebrating these successes, winners and finalists gain state-wide recognition from the training and TAFE sector, industry experts, peers and the Victorian community.

Judging is underway for the ceremony on 24 August. Find out more about the Victorian Training Awards.