High scores and big goals in Premier’s VCE Awards

​This year's Premier's VCE Awards winners say encouraging teachers and supportive friends at school helped them achieve high scores and pursue their dreams.

The VCE journey has ended for thousands of students belonging to the Class of 2017.

This year's Premier's VCE Awards ceremony recognises student achievements in three categories:

  • the Study Awards for students who scored 46 or higher in a particular subject
  • the Top All-Round VCE High Achievers Awards for students who scored 46 or higher in five or more subjects
  • Top Three International Students Awards.

302 awards were presented to 274 recipients at the award ceremony, and some students received more than one award.

See all the winners at the Premier's VCE Awards​ page.

Top All-Round VCE High Achievers

Among the students to receive multiple awards is Yishi (Alice) Huang who arrived in Australia only two years ago with limited English skills. She attended Glen Waverley Secondary College and with phenomenal effort, received a perfect study score of 50 in English as an Additional Language (EAL).

It secured her a place at the University of Melbourne where she is studying Biomedicine to pursue her life goal of combining modern medicine with the power of traditional Chinese healing.

'At the beginning I wasn't very confident with my writings,' Miss Huang says. 'My EAL teacher, Ms Young, gave me a lot of reassurance and she told me that I could aim for a 50.

'It is her words that motivated me to work hard at EAL and strive for improvement.'

Another recipient of multiple awards is Catherine Zhou, who is one step closer to her dream career in international law and the human rights sector. Graduating from Balwyn High School, Catherine is now studying Arts/Law at Monash University and continues to volunteer at a Refugee Law Centre fortnightly. She is grateful towards her parents, teachers and friends for supporting her in her VCE journey.

'I really appreciate the collection of teachers who taught me writing and they were always there for me to ask questions,' Miss Zhou says.

Dheryasheil (Sheil) Bhatia from Melbourne High School attributes his interest in Economics to a 'phenomenal teacher' Mr Mark Cadel. He now studies Commerce/Law at Monash University, and is considering majoring in Economics because of Mr Cadel's passionate teaching.

'I was so lucky in Year 12,' Mr Bhatia says. 'All my teachers were awesome.'

The Premier's VCE Awards demonstrate the high standards of the Education State that give every student, regardless of their background or circumstance, the opportunity to succeed in life.