Introducing our reading challenge Ambassador: Besart Berisha

After an epic goal in the elimination final against Adelaide United, Melbourne Victory striker Besart Berisha got straight to work as the new Ambassador for the 2018 Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge.

The father of two sees education and reading as playing an important role in his life.

Education and reading was a way for Besart to integrate into other cultures, including as a young refugee in Germany, and helped him to focus his mind as a professional sportsman.

Besart understands the value of reading to his kids.

'Reading for my kids, I think is really important,' Besart says.

'I remember when my father was reading me superhero stories, I wanted to be a superhero like in the books.'

'Reading to my children makes me feel good, and there are a lot of funny moments. I have to always play the superhero - like in the book - in the way I read it.'

'They love it – they always have these big eyes, because they always want to listen to new stories.'

Besart is quadrilingual, and speaking and reading different languages is a skill he is passing on to his children.

Reading in the early years

Reading with children is one of the most powerful things families and early childhood professionals can do to help them get the best start in life.

Research tells us that reading with young children six to seven times a week has a direct effect on how well they learn.

Reading to children improves their literacy and increases their chances of success at school.

Families play a critical role in helping their children develop not only the ability to read, but a love of reading.

Join Besart in reading to your children as a part of the Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge for the Early Years in 2018. For more information, see: Premiers' Reading Challenge - Early childhood