Victorian students lead the nation in NAPLAN

This year, Victorian primary and secondary students achieved the State's best ever reading and numeracy NAPLAN results.

NAPLAN measures literacy and numeracy skills, which every student needs to succeed in future work and study.

Victorian students have been steadily achieving higher NAPLAN results since 2015. This year's NAPLAN results show they're among the nation's top performers.

Here's how Victorian school students excelled in NAPLAN this year:

  • Year 3 students achieved the highest scores for reading and writing. Numeracy results have increased from 409.7 in 2015 to 418.4 in 2018.
  • Year 5 students achieved top scores for numeracy, writing and grammar. Reading results have increased from an average score of of 508.3 in 2015 to 519.9.
  • Year 7 students were the first or second best performers in four out of five testing areas.
  • More Year 9 students are achieving at the highest levels in numeracy. 23.8 per cent of students in top two bands rose to 27.2 per cent this year.

While these results are impressive, this is about more than just numbers. Better literacy and numeracy skills help young people succeed at learning and at life.

Congratulations to our hard working students and their teachers for this huge achievement.

Download the NAPLAN highlights:

The secret to success

Education expert and former school principal Dr Mary Jean Gallagher says the hard work of teachers and education leaders across the state are making a positive impact.

'There is clear evidence of change across the state and increased number of schools have leaders and staffs who are approaching the improvement of student learning in more systematic and coherent ways,' Dr Gallagher says.​

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