Sustainability at Epping Views Kindergarten

​The Epping Views Kindergarten community are creating positive environmental impact through the kindergarten's Sustainability program.

With over 200 three and four year olds coming in and out each week, Epping Views Kindergarten is busy hive of activity, leaning and fun.

Among their many programs, the team at Epping Views Kindergarten are particularly proud of their Sustainability Program.

The kindergarten features four veggie gardens, a 'bug hotel', fruit trees, a tyre garden, worm bin and compost bin.

Sustainability learning throughout childhood

The kinder has been in operation for just five years, establishing itself as a reputable early childhood centre of choice for parents in a short time.

Epping Views Kindergarten has a strong relationship with Epping Views Primary School, located just down the road.

'Sustainability is really big at Epping Views Primary School, as it is something the principal has a passion for. It was a happy non-negotiable that we would do the same at Epping Views Kindergarten when we opened the kinder,", says manager, Trudy Whewell.                                           

The Sustainability Program offers practical learnings about the environment, the importance of sustainability and individual responsibility that the children will take with them for life.

'We have always been sustainable at Epping Views Kindergarten, but last year we decided that we would include it as part of our specialist program so that our teacher with the expertise could teach the concepts to all of our children - and in turn other teachers could listen and learn these skills too,' Trudy says.

'The children are involved in every aspect – from weekly sessions of being responsible each day for watering the vegetable gardens, collecting food scraps for our pet rabbit and our worms and composting.'

'The children also hold market days where they set up a stall, write all the signs, price tags, pick the vegetables and herbs from our garden and sell them back to our families. This provides us with more money to then buy new plants and start the process over again.'

The kinder's commitment to sustainability even extends to what the children can bring to kinder from home.

'We have a 'nude food' policy – families are asked to send their child's food along in containers with no packaging or wrappers,' says Trudy.

'We plan to continue adding something new each year. Currently we're look to add another garden that celebrates Indigenous culture.'


At kindergarten, children learn, develop skills, and play in a safe and happy environment. Better quality early childhood services mean a better start in life for our kids - and that's why we're making major investments to build and upgrade early years facilities, including kindergartens.