Song, dance and colour in schools for Education Week

Schools, early childhood learning centres and arts organisations across Victoria are wrapping up an action-packed Education Week

Newland Primary School ran away to join the circus. Westside Circus showed Year 5-6 students how to balance on a tightrope, juggle, ride a unicycle and more.

'Taking part in the arts is fantastic and it really empowers to be really confident in front of crowds, and it lets you express yourself emotionally,' says Newlands Primary School teacher Cristina Galceran.

Cambridge Primary School celebrated Education Week by participating in the World Wide Hexagon Project for the third year in a row.

Year 3-6 students made artwork based on the shape of a hexagon that illustrates "Interdependence". The completed artwork is posted to Scranton, Pennsylvania in the USA to become part of a display of hexagon-shaped artworks from all over the world.

When she spoke to us, visual arts teacher Shelley Menhennet said she was sitting with a group of Grade 6 students in the art room at lunchtime who asked if they could continue the work they started in their art session.

'When they are this enthusiastic, who could say no?' Ms Menhennet says.

Canterbury Primary School students made a video for their social media channels to promote Education Week. Each student spoke about what arts means to them and went to arts-themed lunchtime clubs for the week.

20 talented singers from Yarram Primary and Secondary Schools are preparing to take to the stage for the forthcoming regional tour of Madame Butterfly. 

Principal Penny Earle says both schools have a longstanding tradition of excellence in the performing arts, particularly through choir.

'The students and community are excited about the opportunity to not only perform with professionals in July, but to be able to do so at their local theatre, the Regent!'  says Ms Early.

'The performing arts are alive and thriving in Yarram.'

Carlisle Primary School celebrated their special Social Skills art program for disengaged children and children with behavioural issues. They also run an adult art class for parents.  'It helps them socialise, have a bit of mindfulness time and learn new skills,' says Assistant Principal Tobin Cuss.​