Tech Schools connect students with arts industry

Students learned how to create popular projection art, with industry experts from the Australian Centre of Moving Image (ACMI) and the Banyule Nillumbik and Whittlesea Tech School.

Banyule-Nillumbik and Whittlesea Tech Schools along with ACMI facilitated the Animated Urban Projection Project for local students as part of Tech Fest.

Learning from the art industry

ACMI mentors guided students from St Helena's, Greensborough and Thomastown Secondary College to create projection art from personal images that were special to them as well as images they identified with in their local community.

Students learned about traditional and digital animation techniques like using a green screen, digital image manipulation and video compositing from the ACMI mentors.

St Helena Secondary College student Zane says the ACMI mentors were great. 'They taught me how to do the animation properly and they always listened to me,' Zane says.

'If I did something wrong or if I asked a question, they would answer in a way that helped me fix the problem so I could continue the work.'

St Helena Secondary College's art program includes projects like making Claymation videos and computer animation. Zane says he liked getting to make digital art outside the classroom and in a studio.

'It was great to learn something new and to be part of an art project and meet new people.'

ACMI Digital Education Producer Vincent Trundle says it was great to see the students' enthusiasm, and how quickly they learned projection concept planning.

'Their collaboration and teamwork – including across schools – contributed to the production of interesting and beautiful works,' Vincent says.

The projection art industry

Vincent says there's an increasing range of public events calling for projection art. It was recently featured at the Commonwealth Games, and White Night and Sydney's Vivid Festival's projection art displays are massive tourist drawcards. Local events like the Gertrude Street Festival use projection art to transform their neighbourhoods into a unique, immersive community experience. ACMI are currently featuring an Alice in Wonder exhibition at Federation Square.

 'It's quite technical as you need to map the projection to the surface,' Vincent explains.

You can see the completed projection art at the opening of the Banyule-Nillumbik and Whittlesea Tech Schools later this year.

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Celebrating the arts

This year, Education Week is all about celebrating the arts and is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools, and early childhood services to showcase the work they are doing for students in arts subjects including dance, drama, music, visual arts and media arts.   

School can join the Education Week celebrations by participating in an arts activity in the week of 20-26 May.

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