Prep kids reach a big milestone

​All around Victoria, five and six-year-olds (and their families) have celebrated their first 100 days of school in recent weeks.

From the first day that kids appear in the classroom, nervously clutching a parent's hand, to the confident kids of 100 days in, prep students go through huge change.

The first 100 days of prep are an enormous learning period. There are new faces, routines, places and skills to take on board.

See Collingwood College's youngest new students talk maths, dinosaurs and even tell jokes!

This year, we sent 65,000 prep bags containing useful resources and fun activities to over 1,124 schools - just in time for all preps starting their first day at government schools.

From next year, all bags will include a range of expert-selected books as part of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy.

Start prep with confidence next year - find out everything on our Tips for starting primary and seconday school page.