Education support staff wins PASS Award

​​​Kris Angelovski won a 2017 Principals' Association of Specialist Schools (PASS) Award for creating Barwon Valley School's unique gardening program, which gives better learning outcomes to at-risk students with disabilities.

The PASS Awards is an annual event that recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements and excellence of people involved in specialist education in Victoria.

Barwon Valley School teaches students with intellectual disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

When Education Support staff member Kris Angelovski noticed a group of students displaying behavioural issues and missing school, he set to work designing an active program to get them interested in school again. Teamworx was born.

Growing interest

Mr Angelovski, a keen gardener, guides students to grow and cultivate their own plants. He also taught them basic woodworking skills so they could help build a pop-up shop to proudly sell their plants to classmates.

A shipping container on the playground forms Teamworx HQ, where students change into work clothes and log in for work. They are assigned work tasks just like a real jobsite. 

Over time, Teamworx students have become more attentive in class, more cooperative with their classmates and their attendance rates have​ risen.

Outstanding teacher

Mr Angelovski won Most Outstanding Education Support Staff Member at the PASS awards.

He has worked in special education for 11 years in primary and secondary schools and says that Teamworx has been the most satisfying work in his career so far.

'Being part of a program that has successfully re-engaged some of our disengaged students and seeing their pride in things they have created has been very professionally rewarding,' Mr Angelovski says.

'It's a career I have found extremely rewarding and has given me amazing scope to grow professionally.'

Specialist education in the Education State

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2017 PASS Awards winners