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Adrian Beck, Adele K. Thomas, Felice Arena, Gabrielle Wang, Adrian Beck, Alison Lloyd, Jodi McAlister, and James Hart share their thoughts.

Adrian Beck is the author of the 'Kick it to Nick' series, where he collaborated with AFL Hall of Fame Shane Crawford.

Adele K. Thomas, the 2019 Premiers’ Reading Challenge illustrator, also illustrated 'The Flying Unicorn' and 'The Magical Unicorn' on the PRC book list. She and Adrian worked together on 'Champion Charlies'.

Felice Arena has written books for kids of all ages. His famous works include the 'Specky Magee' series and 'Sporty Kids' series.

Gabrielle Wang is an author and illustrator. Her books have diverse characters and have won notable awards. 'Ting Ting the Ghosthunter' is on the Reader’s Review competition book list.

History-lover, Alison Lloyd, has been a prolific writer since writing her first novel 'Year of the Tiger'. Her repertoire includes CBCA shortlisted non-fiction 'Wicked Warriors and Evil Emperors' and the Letty books in the 'Australian Girl' series.

James Hart was the 2018 Premiers’ Reading Challenge illustrator and loves drawing. You can see his passion for art on the pages of 'Erratically Epic!' and 'Accidentally Awesome!'

Jodi McAlister wrote her first book while completing her PhD. And now she writes books while lecturing on Writing and Literature at Deakin University. You may have read her books 'Valentine' and 'Ironheart'.

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