Meet our author

​Melina Marchetta, writer of Looking for Alibrandi and What Zola did on Monday, is this year’s Premiers’ Reading Challenge author.

Encouraging young readers

You may be surprised to learn that Melina was a reluctant and struggling reader as a young child. Through her mother’s encouragement and support she grew to love reading.

Now she passes on her passion for reading to her daughter. Although Melina's daughter is a reluctant reader, they are reading together every day and some day she might become an avid reader.

Melina shares her personal tips on how to encourage young readers.

Reading is for everybody, everyday

Sharing books with children helps nourish their minds. For Melina, reading is for everybody, everyday. Children benefit from daily reading, whether it's reading to a young child or encouraging older children to read each day.

Melina tries to write for everybody, so that all her readers can see themselves in the pages of her books.

"If they think I’m present on the page then I feel I’ve done my job"

"What we read is so tied into our identity, and our identity is so tied into everything that is fantastic about our lives and everything that is challenging in our lives."

"Stories help us make sense of who we are and where we belong. A story brings us together"