Education Week 2019

Showcasing and celebrating excellence in education through open days, exhibitions and special events.

This year, Education Week will run from Sunday 19 to Saturday 25 May,  and the theme is ‘Careers’.

2019 is the 75th year of Education Week and it aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria’s government education sector.

Education Week 2019 is all about celebrating Careers and pathways that will make your dream job come true.  It is an opportunity for schools, TAFE (tertiary) and Tech Schools to showcase the work they are doing to support students in their career pathways decision and for the Department to promote and raise awareness of the Career Education and the new Transforming Career Education reforms.

Education Week is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate excellence in education through open days, exhibitions and special events. Elements of the 2019 campaign will include a calendar of free careers themed activities including Career Open Days, sharing of ideas and stories, resources and availability of grants for further community activities.

Education Week grants

The Department of Education and Training is offering grant funding to assist not-for-profit organisations to offset some of the costs of hosting an Education Week activity. More information in the coming weeks will be available to apply.

School involvement

Education Week is an opportunity for all schools – primary, secondary, TAFE (tertiary) and Tech Schools, to showcase the work they are doing for students to make informed decisions about their career and help identify their passion and how it relates to the world of work. Schools are encouraged to run their own in-school careers events during Education Week, as well as Careers Open days for the local community and prospective families. Coming soon will be a list of example activities that can be run during this week.

Career education is one of the building blocks to make sure our students have the confidence and capability to manage their future careers, and life beyond school. This campaign can help to begin discussions about Career Education in government schools and how it is being transformed to ensure students:

  • have the skills and capabilities to navigate multiple careers
  • meet the challenges of the changing world of work.

Revisit this page for more information in the coming weeks when information and resources for schools will be uploaded, including posters and social media tiles. A full list and calendar of free activities will be added as grants and activities become available.