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  • Polish Bilingual Day

    Polish Community Council of Victoria Incorporeted - School Committee

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    A new festival will arrive in Melbourne this spring. Polish Bilingual Day, celebrated on the third weekend of October every year, is for all those interested in learning about other cultures and languages or exploring their own migration roots.

    The festival, organised by Victorian Polish schools and Polish organizations, aims to establish itself as an annual event in the calendar of Polish-Australian affairs across Victoria.

    This year we will celebrate Kościuszko Year – a Polish hero, who lends his name the highest mountain in Australia.

    The festival has three main purposes: to celebrate the preservation of Polish language and culture in Polish-Australian communities, to encourage new generations of Polish-Australian children to learn the language of their ancestors, and to share Polish culture with other Australians.

    The festival will also celebrate the achievements and contributions of Polish-Australians and their impact on Australian life and history, and provide an opportunity to learn about the connections between the two cultures.

    True to its name, the events of the Polish Bilingual Day will be conducted ‘bilingually’, with fun and educational activities available both in Polish and English. Children will have an opportunity to sample Polish food, music and art, watch films about Poland or ones directed by Polish-born film directors, and to learn about Poland, Polish history and important Polish-Australians. We will organise sports and knowledge competitions, as well as fun, educational activities for the children.

    We hope that Polish Bilingual Day will be celebrated by anyone who is interested in ‘all things Polish’ or in multiculturalism. It will give students attending Polish schools in Australia an opportunity to share their own achievements, and those of the Polish community, with the wider community.

    Age Groups

    4 to 15 years


    Mrs Monika Krajewski
    (03) 9569 4020


    Sol Green Recreation Centre, Corner Coventry and Monteque Street, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205



    Start Date: 21/10/2017
    End Date: 21/07/2017
    Time: 1pm to 3.30pm