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    Growing Wincelsea Inc

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    Winchelsea is a small township in the Surf Coast Shire. It has relatively low socio-demographic indicators and poor public transport. It can be challenging for some families to arrange enjoyable and stimulating extra-curricular activities for their children. The community is strongly committed to environmental sustainability and community development.

    The Winchelsea Globe Theatre has been equipped by Surf Coast Shire with high quality audiovisual equipment. Winchelsea Movie Club, a subcommittee of Growing Winchelsea Inc, is a member-based club that screens regular movies to to members. When it is able to access sufficient funds to pay general royalties and cover the expenses of public screenings, it screens movies to the general public. Recently, the Club successfully screened a movie to Winchelsea children and families.

    The Club proposes screening a children's movie with educational value and an environmental message relevant to the south-west of Victoria, supplemented by:

    an interactive presentation, targeted to children and delivered by a trained environmentalist, about the relevance of the movie to the local community and the broader environment, as follows:

    1. The Australian movie 'Oddball' was released in 2015. It is a fun and thoughtful movie, based on a true story about a dog that protects penguins from predators on Middle Island, off the coast of Warrnambool. It has geographic relevance to the children of Winchelsea, as Warrnambool is located in our district, and is also relevant to the rural environment of our community, which has its own problems with predatory animals and conservation. It was a critical and commercial success.
    2.  The Club plans to offer a free showing of Oddball to families from Winchelsea and District on the afternoon of Sunday 22 October 2017.
    3.  Prior to the screening, the Club will offer a 20 minute interactive presentation by a trained environmentalist and childhood educator, highlighting the themes addressed in the movie including species protection, the threats of introduced predators, conservation, volunteerism and innovation in environmental protection.
    4.  After the screening, the Club will host a family afternoon tea, providing the opportunity for further discussion and engagement about the movie themes. At least one trained early childhood educator will be present to facilitate informal discussion at that time.

    Age Groups

    3 to 12 years


    Dr Heather Wellington
    0418 577 601


    The Globe Theatre, 17 Willis Street, Winchelsea, VIC, 3241



    Start Date: 22/10/2017
    End Date: 22/10/2017
    Time: 2pm to 5pm