As part of the Education State, the Victorian Government is working to ensure every Victorian school gives every child – no matter their background or circumstance – the best chance to thrive and prosper.

The Commonwealth Government is proposing a funding deal where public school students get less funding than those in private schools.

Funding for Victoria’s schools, 100% private schools funding and, 95% public schools funding.

If the Commonwealth is serious about improving student learning outcomes, it needs to do its share. Victoria is taking a strong stance against the Commonwealth’s unfair funding proposal.

Fairer funding for all Victorian schools will ensure all Victorian students have the support they need to reach their full potential - no matter which school they attend.

If Victoria took this deal with the Commonwealth, it would mean missing out on about $800 million in the next three years. This is equivalent to around 2,000 extra teachers in Victorian public schools.

The 2000 extra teachers this additional funding could provide in Victorian public schools would have a real impact on Victorian students. Extra teachers could provide additional reading support to students who need some extra help, expand learning opportunities and prepare students for jobs in the future,enable schools to partner with local workforces, immersing students in work environments and, allow schools to offer music programs to improve student engagement with schools.

Current investment in education

The Victorian Government has invested $8.9 billion to make Victoria the Education State. This investment has delivered Victoria’s best ever NAPLAN results in reading and numeracy in 2018, showing impressive outcomes that can be achieved when education is a government priority.

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What additional funding means

In 2011, David Gonski developed a method called the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) to determine a fair funding level for all schools, based on the characteristics of a student.

Private schools will be funded by the Commonwealth at the full SRS – in fact, some are already funded above this amount. However, the Commonwealth is proposing a deal that will see Victorian public schools not funded at the full SRS level.

Victoria already provides the majority of funding to Victorian schools.

The Victorian Government has committed to increase funding to provide 75 per cent of the SRS for public schools. Victoria is calling on the Commonwealth to increase its funding commitment from 20 per cent to 25 per cent of the SRS for public schools, so that both private and public schools are fully and fairly funded.