Fairer funding for your school

The Victorian Government is inve​sting funding of $566 million over four years and introducing new allocation criteria to provide better-targeted funding to high-needs students and ensure additional resources and expertise are available.

Find your school​​’s funding

For the firs​​t time, you can see the amount of funding your school is receiving from the Victorian Government as part of its commitment to make Victoria the Education State.

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More fun​​ding for socially disadvantaged students

New allocation criteria for equity funding will more effectively target social disadvantage. The new approa​​ch incorporates both individual factors of disadvantage and the concentration of disadvantage in the school.

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Catch Up funding for students falling behind

This new Education State funding will target students entering secondary schools who have not met nation​al NAPLAN minimum standards for reading in Year 5. The funding will allow schools to invest in interventions to help students catch up to their peers.

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How schools are funded

The Student Resource Package (SRP) is the main source of funds for government schools. Find out what make​s up the school budget.

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Inclusive S​chools Fund

This $20 million, four-year fund will provide Victorian government schools with money for innovative projects that promote inclusive school environments and support the education needs of children with a disability.

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