Kindergarten Central Registration and Enrolment guides and resources

Previously known as Central Enrolment, the Central Registration and Enrolment Scheme (CRES) is a best practice model for local councils and other organisations to support families and carers to secure a kindergarten place for their child.

The model was developed through a co-design process with councils, kindergarten service providers, Early Years Managers, Maternal and Child Health, community organisations, early childhood peak bodies and other support services.

The CRES model is underpinned by six principles that promote consistent, inclusive and equitable access for families, service providers and support services. This is supported by practical guides, tools and templates which can be easily adopted and tailored to each councils' circumstance.

Development Guide

Provides guidance and resources to establish, improve and/or expand an existing CRES

Self-Assessment Tool

Supports CRES Providers to understand demand in their area, the capability and maturity of the CRES, and to identify areas to improve.

Practice Guide

A detailed annual process for operating a best practice scheme, including communication materials for families and service providers, and relevant forms and templates.

Development Guide templates and resources

  • A.1 Discussion paper template (docx - 349.34kb) To begin to build support for the CRES among internal stakeholders and get permission from management to develop a stakeholder engagement template and business case.
  • A.2 Stakeholder engagement plan template (docx - 681.26kb)To guide the stakeholder engagement strategy as the CRES is being established and during ongoing delivery.
  • A.3 Promotional materials for service providers and peak bodies (docx - 200.53kb) To encourage all service types to participate in CRES with transparency around any service fees for scheme participation where applicable, reducing fees for community service organisations that have an active social purpose to support disadvantaged families and carers.
  • A.4 Letter of Intent template (docx - 540.95kb) For service providers to indicate their intent to participate in a prospective CRES and strengthen a potential business case.
  • A.5 Research plan template (docx - 547.08kb) To guide the research that will inform the business case and development of the CRES.
  • A.6 Business case template (docx - 900.2kb) The formal case to put to council's executive team that aims to secure a policy commitment to the CRES.
  • A.7 Website content template (docx - 216.08kb)To guide the structure of the CRES web page and provide draft content for the page.
  • A.8 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template (docx - 558.2kb) A formal agreement between the CRES Provider and CRES Partners to support the CRES.
  • A.9 Suggested clauses for inclusion in service level agreements (docx - 538.63kb) Draft clauses to include in lease/service agreements that require service providers to join the CRES.
  • Practice Guide templates and resources