Children's Services Coordination Board

The Children's Services Coordination Board brings together key decision-makers across departments to lead coordination of activities impacting on children and young people. It is established under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005.

The Board comprises the Chief Commissioner for Police and the secretaries of the departments of Premier and Cabinet, Treasury and Finance, Education and Training, Health and Human Services and Justice and Regulation.

The role of the Board is to sponsor and oversee coordination of effort across different Victorian government programs and policies where this is needed to improve outcomes for children and young people, particularly those vulnerable to harm, disadvantage or social exclusion.

Consistent with its functions under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005, the Board:

  • reviews and reports annually to ministers on how children and young people are faring -especially the most vulnerable - and identifies strategies for improvement
  • leads whole-of-government effort to plan and deliver coordinated action to improve outcomes - especially for the most vulnerable - and reviews and reports to ministers on the impacts of relevant government actions
  • drives coordination of government actions at local and regional levels through establishing, monitoring and adapting administrative arrangements to encourage local collaboration and problem-solving
  • settles action plans for agreed cross-agency and intergovernmental collaboration
  • considers how to address other cross-government issues as required.

The Board meets at least three times a year. Secretariat support is provided by the Department of Education and Training. Telephone enquiries can be directed to the Manager of the Secretariat, Mr Don Siemon on 03 9637 3366.